A human face made with small yellow squares in space.
A human face made with small yellow squares in space.
Spatial thinking — the extraordinary superpower of ordinary humans

When, back in kindergarten, you were asked to draw a house, what would you do? Draw a rectangle with a triangle on top of it. (Hopefully, most of you did this, unless you were super creative and made a circular pumpkin house) But why did you draw the triangle on top and not the other way round? Probably because it didn’t seem right.

This ability to reason, interpret and visualise the shape, direction, location and orientation of objects and their relative position in space, is called Spatial thinking. …

When we say flip your classroom, we don’t mean it literally!

I’m sure many parents have experienced their children coming home complaining about their homework saying, “It’s so hard!” and so they don’t complete it. If your child does this and lacks interest or struggles with learning, this could be a lot more difficult for them as they would be unable to grasp concepts.

Students are expected to watch videos or learn content through videos or presentations at home at their own pace and time, and assignments are completed in class instead to delve deeper in their mind and establish…

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Imagine this, you’re walking around your kitchen looking for that bowl of fruits you left on the center table, doubting whether you ate them all or you dreamt about buying them yesterday, only to walk into the living room to find your child stacking them up like the Tower of Pisa.

But of course, it’s not just innocent playing because now your carpet has bananas smashed all over and orange juice squeezed on and we all know how much we dread cleaning carpets!

Looking for a solution? Well, you’ve come to the right page. Introducing a new way to get…

Coding is a skill that is currently being sought after across the globe. Many parents and teachers have started introducing coding into the curriculum so children can acquire these skills much earlier. Therefore, allow your children to explore the world of STEM and programming from a young age. And to initiate this journey we have brought you some simple and fun coding books!

Through the use of books, children can comfortably learn how to create games, websites, exciting animations, and even innovative apps! …

Not sure how to identify your child’s primary learning style? Here’s what you need to know to get started!

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Have you ever noticed your child listening to music whilst doing their homework or even pacing across their room as they prepare for a test? Maybe your child even rewrites a certain answer multiple times in order to remember it.

Do you sometimes make your children do their homework in the living room so you can keep an eye on them but then, it gets too noisy because your other children are fighting it out on the couch so your child…

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John Lennon, Al Gore, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, are names of world leaders and activists whose names have left a mark in the hall of fame. These walking powers of influence were once influenced by someone else too. Who you may wonder?

A single man and his story, written on dozens of pages with words dipped in struggles and rejection but words that spoke loud enough for a single nation. A rightful leader and activist, a freedom fighter as you all may know, often described as a “role model for generations to come”. …

A black and white picture of a brain divided into 2 parts. Left part shows circuit connections and right part shows creative art patterns.
A black and white picture of a brain divided into 2 parts. Left part shows circuit connections and right part shows creative art patterns.
AI has an important role to play in the education sector, making it more efficient.

Do you know the difference between a student and a teacher? (No, not the age)

Students are those creatures who freak out a day before the examination. And teachers are those who freak out a day after the examination. Why? Well, you won’t understand the pain of teachers until you are in their shoes.

When you have a huge pile of answer sheets to be corrected, stacked in front of you, you too would want to rebuke your younger self for choosing this profession.

It’s not just about the time required, it’s also about the level of patience. How desperately…

A person holding a white chart with INNOVATION written on it and with many scientific diagrams drawn on it.
A person holding a white chart with INNOVATION written on it and with many scientific diagrams drawn on it.
Innovative thinking is an essential 21st-century skill.

What is innovation? It has been aptly described as “See what everybody sees, then think what nobody thought”.

An innovative mindset is what the world requires today. We have always stressed the importance of 21st-century skills, one among which is innovation. In order to solve the problems that are constantly threatening our well being, an innovative mindset is a must.

Tony Wagner, the author of ‘Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World’ had said,

“The average child asks 100 questions a day. But by the time a child is 10 or 12 years old, he…

A girl looking in to the microscope.
A girl looking in to the microscope.
Including STEM in the classroom can help make the learning process fun and engaging

Do you know what important lesson Physics teaches us? Take t=0 when you want to solve the problem. Similarly, whenever you have a task at hand to complete, the first thing you have to do is to start it. It’s not difficult to continue working on a task till its completion, but the most difficult part is to start it. (Science got my back; the law of inertia, you know)

But why does it ask us to start from the initial point, that is t=0? Because, practically speaking, the earlier you start, the greater advantage you have. A professional ballet…

What if Picasso had a silicon microchip instead of a paintbrush? Or what if Charles Babbage used a canvas and colors? Doesn’t sound right, is it?

That is what has been the accepted viewpoint since centuries.

Arts and Science — are the two contrasting streams either of which students pursue in their higher education.

There has always been a cold fight for superiority, without understanding that these streams, in reality, complement each other.

Photographers, artists, painters, sculptors, musicians and film-makers, all use technology to improve their art

There were times when people who pursued Arts considered the other group as machines in human form with no feelings, while the latter considered them as carefree…

Turing Ninjas

Code to the future!

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